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About Njelela Secondary School

Njelela Secondary School is a science focused secondary school located in the Tanzanian highlands for village children.Construction began in 2010 and the first intake of 65 students was in January 2013. Njelela Secondary School (NSS) is conceived as self-supporting, eventually, through the tree harvesting programme, fish ponds, fruit project and school fees. It is aimed to be village focused, with school staff being trained villagers, committed to the school. It is conceived as an environmentally oriented school, recognising the need to care for the environment and use it in a responsible way. The area has large mineral resources in the form of the Liganga V-Ti-Iron ores and Mchuchuma coal resource that are being developed. Students graduating from Njelela therefore can potentially stand to benefit from employment yet to be created from the surrounding mining or be self employed in order to supply to the mining. This is the essence of seminars for enterpreneurship and practical experiences given to our students.

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